Apps Every Android User Must Have

23 August, 2019 05:03 pm

Trying to find the appropriate and necessary Application to download on your phone can be frustrating sometimes, especially for android phone users who have tons of Apps in their store.

But these are five important apps I think every android user should have on their phones.


The google duo is a video call app. As iPhone has FaceTime, so does android phones also have the duo. Most android phones have the app already installed on their phone but if you don’t have it installed, then you can download it from google play store.

The app gives you the opportunity to video chat with your family and loved ones, so in case you don’t want to be seen on WhatsApp or Facebook but still wants to video chat with that special person then google duo is the best App.


Most people find texting annoying because they find it difficult locating the letters on their keyboard which makes texting slow,  but the Swype keyboard makes texting very easy. With the Swype keyboard you don’t need to be searching for the letters one after the other, all that you need to do is to Swype your fingers through the keyboard and the  prediction will just pop up the word you typing.


So if you love taking pictures and editing your photos a lot, then Snapseed is the best app for you. It gives you the best option on how to make your pictures look different and beautiful

Some of its features are;

                      Perspective; This gives you the opportunity to adjust the position of your picture. You can either tilt it to the angle you want

                   Double exposure: put two different pictures together and edit it, this is not the same as gridding pictures.

For a better experience, just try using the app and you will love it.


Asking around for a particular location can be boring and dangerous sometimes, that is why the google map is  one of the best Apps one should have on their android has all the locations you can ever need to find. Just make sure you always have your location button turned on.


Get the chance to follow all your favorite celebs, friends and mentors on this social media platform. Instagram is one of the Apps you would want to have on your phone because you get to see the daily lives of your mentors and friends .On this same platform you also get the chance to advertise your business and your life as well. Instagram allows you to upload only  pictures and videos.





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De Hinter commented on 24 August 03:12 pm
Okay well noted


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