3 Easy Ways To Create An Apple ID For Your iPhone

06 July, 2019 12:50 pm

What to do when you get an iphone 

              Three simple ways to Create Apple ID!!!

The usage of phones has become a trend and a person can not stay on this planet in this era without a phone(whether it being a smart phone or "Yam").

The evolvement of phones has happened very fast and every young person looks up to using a smart phone ,but the question is how easy is it for most young ones to operate a smart phone when they first get it?

There are two major phones common in our part of the world  and that is the android and IOS phone.Many young teens love to be seen with these brands,but it has been assumed that many people do not even know what to do when they first acquire such smart phones.

this ariticle will handle the very first thing to do when you acquire one of the smart phone brands which is the Iphone.


Steps in creating  an Apple ID

The very first thing a person would want to do when they buy an Iphone is to create an ID.Your Apple ID is more of what gives you access to every app on your iphone,with your Apple ID created you can assess Imessage,Facetime etc

There are three ways to create your Apple ID,

-ios device



       Using the Ios device

There are two steps to create your Apple ID on your Ios device

                     STEP A

>step One; Go to settings

>Step Two;click on accounts and password

>step Three;click on Add account

>step Four;click on the Icloud icon

>step Five;click on Create new Apple ID

>Step Six;follow the procedures till you done.


                           STEP B

> Step one : go to settings

>Step two:click on  sign  in to your Iphone

>Step three:click on don't have an Apple ID or forgot it

> Step Four ;click on create Apple ID

>Step Five; follow the procedures to create your Apple ID.


Using the Itunes

>Step one;download Itunes to your laptop/desktop (Apple.com/Itunes/downloads)

> Step two:click on account

>Step three:click on sign in

>Step four:click on create new Apple ID

>Step five;follow the procedures to create your ID.


Using the WEB

                           STEP A

>Step one: type in the web browsers address bar  Url ,(Apple.com). 

>Step two:scroll to the last end and click on manage accounts

>Step three;click on create Apple ID

>Step four:follow the procedures to create your ID


                           STEP B

>Step one;Type in  the Url address(icloud.com)

>Step two :create new Apple ID

       These are the three simple ways to create an Apple ID and if you are able to go through these process successfully ,then you are ready to access your Iphone,.

Note that a person can not access their phone without creating the Apple ID and it is also very important to have your personal ID created by yourself....


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